Pedors Classic Slide Black

• Intended Use:
Very Swollen Feet, Edema / Lymphedema, Bunions / Hallux Valgus, Toe Problems, Hammertoes, Sore Feet, Extra Wide Feet, Diabetes, Arthritis, Orthotic Shoes
• Gender:
Unisex: For Men and Women
• 6E (XXX-W) Width Only:
The Slide is only currently available in the 6E (XXX-W) width, designed for people with very swollen feet. The adjustable velcro strap allows to adjust for girth and to secure the slide to the foot.
• Main Features:
Pedoprene™ Stretch Upper, Lightweight, Removable Insoles, Single Strap Closure
• Machine Washable:
Warm Wash. Air Dry. Do NOT Put In A Dryer.

Pedors Classic Slide Black (SL600)

The most requested product is now here!  A super-wide Pedors Slide.  These slide are available in a 6E width and and have a wide, easy to close single strap.

What widths of feet are these good for?

Due to the nature of the open back of the Slide, the adjustable strap and the stretch upper, we anticipate that these slides will be able to accommodate people with foot widths from XXW (4E) and XXXW (6E). 

The Slide is manufactured and labelled as a XXX-W 6E width.

However, as this product is brand new as of February 2019 we may well discover, with your help and feedback, that they can work for people with XW (2E) feet and also those with greater than XXXW (6E) needs.

What makes the Pedors Classic Slide so good for swollen feet?

Typically when people's feet swell their shoes get really tight and uncomfortable, that's if they can even get them on at all.  The Pedors Classic Slide solves that problem.  The open back and single strap closure system allows the shoe to opened very wide. The foot is placed in the shoe and secured to the optimum comfort level.  If the swelling in your feet increases during the day simply readjust the single strap and in no time you will be walking in comfort again.  Designed to provide relief from those suffering with swollen feet, edema, lymphedema, CMT, diabetes and arthritis as well as bunions and other forefoot problems.

What is the stretch upper material made of?

The material used in the upper is known as Pedoprene™ and is unique to the Pedors® brand.

We formulated this material to be able to stretch where needed and be molded when necessary to accommodate the most demanding swollen feet, bunion, corn, hammertoe or other forefoot deformity to avoid discomfort or even pain.

The Classic Slide comes with an EVA insole which is a ¼ inch thick to provide extra “plantar” or sole cushioning.  This extra depth feature can also accommodate shallow or very deep orthotics.

The adjustable single touch closure strap makes the shoe easy to put on and take off and easy and to adjust over the course of the day when swelling is present.

Do the shoes come with a warranty?

Pedors® products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for 6 months from date of purchase. Our warranty is an expression of our confidence in the material and workmanship of our company's products. This, however, is not a guarantee against normal wear and tear. Nor does it apply to product that has been damaged by misuse, neglect, accident, modification or unauthorized repair.

Can I use orthotics with the Pedors Classic Slide?

Absolutely.  You can either use your own or our Pedors 3P Inserts.  We only recommend the Genext Orthotics up to a 2E width.

How do I care for my Pedors Classic Slide?

To clean the Classic Slides you can place them inside a wash bag (or an old pillow case) and put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, low temperature.  Then let them air dry for about 24 hours (somewhere warm).  Do not put them in a dryer as this may damage the glue in the shoes. For smaller cleaning, simply wipe down with a damp cloth and some soapy water.