Genext Active Orthotics

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Pedors Australia is proud to be the exclusive provider of Genext Active Orthotics in Australia.   These orthotics were formerly known as "Beats" and some imagery may show the Beats™ trademark.  All orthotics sold in Australia will be bear the Genext® trademark.

Each pair of Genext Orthotics features a specially layered tri-density bamboo charcoal foam to maximize both cushioning and shock absorption. Bamboo charcoal manages to control odor, moisture and bacteria present iside the shoe environment. 

Genext Orthotocs are shaped to contour to your feet to optimize comfort with a polyester top cover designed to reduce friction and wick away moisture. The combination of cork and rubber in the arch molds to your feet to ensure both maximum comfort and support. Genext® orthotics are designed to provide both stability and support in the heel considered important in ankle stability to promote balance and help reduce the risk of a fall. 

The Genext Orthotic System is firm in the mid-foot promoting better stability, especially for those activities requiring more lateral movements.  The mid-foot firmness is evenly distributed into the medial arch providing a more aggressive support from rear foot to forefoot.  Most over the counter inserts or orthotics are too aggressive in the rear foot, leaving the front of the medial arch exposed and unsupported.

For people with metatarsalgia, the metatarsal pad is placed perfectly in conjunction with the medial arch support which eliminates the "marble" or "rock" feeling under the forefoot like most non prescription over the counter orthotics that have the metatarsal pad placed too far forward.  Genext Orthotics can provide immediate relief for their forefoot conditions like metatarsalgia and neuromas as well as rear foot issues like Plantar Faciitis.

Beats are available with four different options; neutral, neutral with metatarsal pad, posted heel, and posted heel with a metatarsal pad.

Option 1) Neutral heel without a metatarsal pad.

Option 2) Neutral heel with a metatarsal pad

Option 3) Posted heel without a metarsal pad

Option 4) Possted heel with a metatarsal pad.

You may return undamaged items that are in new, unused condition within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if you want to exchange for something else or simply get 100% money back, no questions asked.

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